"I cannot thank you enough for your steady hand and committed efforts during the last two years. What seemed like a simple case of negligenc..."

- M.N.



  • $950,000 Settlement - wrongful death at a construction site
  • $1,750,000 Settlement - wrongful death involving an inmate
  • $450,000 Settlement - motorcycle accident; fractured ankle
  • $450,000 Settlement — wrongful death action involving nursing home
  • $525,000 Settlement — construction accident — employee crushed by unstable wall resulting in wrongful death
  • $325,000 Settlement — snowmobile accident resulting in closed head injury and complete disability of minor
  • $54,000 Settlement — dog bite injury; 11 year old girl received numerous lacerations to her legs from a dog attack. After sutures, she healed well, however became fearful of dogs
  • $250,000 Settlement — automobile accident; full insurance policy limit settlement for bilateral wrist injuries from a head-on collision
  • $50,000 Settlement — automobile accident; full insurance policy limit settlement for scarring to face
  • $69,500 Settlement — automobile accident; aggravation of a tendon injury in the shoulder
  • $75,000 Settlement — automobile accident; fracture to left ankle in a disputed liability case
  • $200,000 Settlement — automobile accident; full insurance policy limit settlement for tibia/fibia fracture and left wrist injury
  • $500,000 Settlement — wrongful death; full policy limit offer prior to filing lawsuit
  • $228,000 Jury Verdict — tear to biceps tendon in non-dominant arm; highest offer prior to trial was $21,000
  • $75,000 Settlement — dog bite settlement for bite to face with near full recovery
  • $500,000 Settlement — wrongful death action
  • $900,000 Settlement — wrongful death action involving semi-truck accident
  • $625,000 Settlement — closed head injury from truck accident
  • $285,000 Settlement — fractured hip and wrist from motorcycle/automobile accident
  • $290,000 Settlement — automobile accident with numerous fractures and closed head injury
  • Six Figure Confidential Settlement — for breach of commercial contract
  • $1,258,000 Jury Award (before reductions) — construction accident-employee slipped and fell walking to work injuring his back (Dan Harris co-counsel)
  • $239,000 Settlement — paint ball injury to eye with near total recovery
  • $160,000 Settlement — claim for fire damage for underinsured home against agent for failing to properly advise clients
  • $30,000 Jury Award — tendonitis to elbow-insurance company offered $500 pre-trial
  • $100,000 Settlement — facial scarring from automobile accident with near full recovery
  • $75,000 Settlement — broken jaw in car accident
  • $120,000 Settlement — work related injury that occurred in 1991 after which worker returned to work for 14 years
  • $92,500 Settlement — injured neck in car accident, full recovery after surgery
  • $100,000 Jury Verdict — 5 day will contest trial which $7,000 was offered to settle
  • $300,000 Settlement — car/bicycle accident with brain injuries that resolved (Dan Harris co-counsel)


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