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At the Law Offices of Daniel J. Harris, P.C., we serve northern Michigan in cities such as Gaylord and Petoskey, where we offer highly qualified attorneys who specialize in workers compensation cases to fight for medical benefits and wage loss. Workers injured in Michigan are almost exclusively entitled to benefits under the Michigan Worker's Disability and Compensation Act of 1969.


An injured worker in Michigan is entitled to lifelong benefits for the following:

  • Medical Benefits/Wage Loss Benefits
  • Rehabilitation benefits

Wage loss benefits are calculated by taking 80% of the employee's after tax wages. Further, an employee must be off work for at least 7 days to receive wage loss benefits.

This system is established so that an employee does not have to show negligence, or a wrong from another person to receive benefits. Benefits are paid without regard to fault, but do not include compensation for pain and suffering. There are many different types of disputes that arise between employee and employer in this realm. Should you find yourself in this unfortunate position, it is imperative to know your rights and know that you will need a workers compensation lawyer to stand up for you. We are here to do just that, as well as answer any legal questions you may have regarding such matters.

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