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Automobile & Motorcycle Accidents

The Law Offices of Daniel J. Harris excels in automobile and motorcycle accident cases throughout Gaylord, Petoskey, Charlevoix, and other surrounding cities. Our legal help will benefit you, ensuring the best outcome possible. 

The arena of automobile litigation has become more and more an area in which an injured victim requires an attorney who knows the law. There are benefits available to an injured person both from their own insurance company as well as the at-fault driver. We provide a comprehensive service in this regard, ensuring you get the benefits you are entitled to from your own insurance company, as well as complete compensation from the at-fault driver. You only have one chance to receive the proper care, treatment and compensation for your injuries; therefore, it is important to have a zealous advocate on your behalf.


The No-Fault Automobile Insurance Act, MCLA 500.3101, et. Seq., entitles injured victims the right to certain benefits without regard to fault of the accident. The no-fault benefits available to an injured victim are: 1) lifetime medical benefits, 2) wage loss benefits for three years from the date of the accident, 3) replacement services for those things that you could do before the accident and can no longer do, and 4) survivor's loss benefits. These benefits are again payable without regard to fault in the accident. It is important to be fully informed as to what you are entitled and for how long, if you should find yourself injured from an accident. A claim must be brought within ONE YEAR THE EXPENSE WAS INCURRED TO RECEIVE THE NO-FAULT BENEFIT.


Section 3135 of the No-Fault Act provides an injured party the right to receive compensation from the at fault driver who caused their injuries provided they meet the threshold as defined by the legislature. Threshold is defined as one or more of the following three injuries: 1) serious impairment of body function, 2) permanent serious disfigurement and 3) death. From the at fault driver, a victim may be able to receive compensation for pain and suffering, mental anguish, loss of relationships, as well as wage loss following the three years of no-fault compensation. A claim must be brought within THREE YEARS OF THE ACCIDENT TO PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS.


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