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The Law Offices of Daniel J. Harris provides lawyers who specialize in family law, including divorce cases throughout Northern Michigan in cities such as Gaylord and Petoskey. Technically, in the State of Michigan marriage is the creation of the status of husband and wife. Once this legal status has been formed, the law imposes various obligations and liabilities upon the parties. Obviously, one major aspect of a divorce, property division, may come into play even if the parties were never legally married. Regardless of whether you are in a traditional, recognized marriage or one which is not recognized by the State of Michigan, our experienced attorneys can assist you during this difficult time.

As a Michigan family law attorney who has handled numerous divorce cases as well as cases involving same-sex couples whose relationship has come to an end, our family law specialist understands the challenges and questions you have with regard to your case. Every case is different and divorces and separations are anything but straight forward. In order to ensure all of your rights and interests are totally protected, you need the experience of a Michigan family law attorney / divorce lawyer. Your choice in selecting a Michigan family law attorney who will represent you in this crucial and stressful moment of your life will have a considerable impact on you during the pendency of your divorce or separation and afterward.

Attorney Travis J. Groat is a Michigan family law attorney dedicated to providing you the best legal services with the personal, one-on-one dedication found only in a small law firm like The Law Offices of Daniel J. Harris, P.C. To speak with Mr. Groat about your divorce, call our offices at 231-347-4444 and schedule a Free Phone Consultation.


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